Croissant Earn
Earn up to 10% APR on eligible assets deposited in your croissant wallet. Yields are calculated every 2 hours and distributed into your wallet automatically after you have opted into the program.
Interest is currently at ~6-10% for the last 30 days (rolling). Subjected to adjustments based on the profits of the Casino. Your principal is always protected and insured by our team's treasury.
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Eligible Assets
First $10,000 USD per asset
Up to 10%
Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible assets stated in the table above can earn. Just deposit to your wallet and opt-in Croissant Earn to start earning right away! Note that the current maximum value of each eligible asset for Croissant Earn is at $10,000 USD. will calculate and distribute yield earnings to your wallet every 2 hours. Yield will be compounded on principal and yield you have already earned. Any cryptocurrency that you have deposited on will earn yield immediately after you have opted into the program.

You have to hold $10,000 USD value each of USDC, USDT, CRO, ETH, WBTC, MUSD, to earn 10% APR for these $50,000 USD value of assets.

You are free to withdraw your principal and yield payments at any time.

The yields come from the e-gaming revenue on our platform, so you can be assured that there's a constant stream of revenue to ensure payouts on Croissant Earn!

Croissant offers gaming with risk. To be a user of our site you must be over 18 years old. We are not responsible for the violation of your local laws related to this form of gaming.
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